Sacagawea: The Native Boss

Sacagawea: The Native Boss

Sacagawea: The Native Boss

Do you know the story of Sacagawea aka Mrs. 17th Century GPS and the only reason Lewis & Clark made it to the Pacific Ocean?⁣

Sacagawea was born with pure Boss blood pumping through her veins, blood that would power her to become one of America’s most important explorers… as a 16 year old teenage mom!

Sacagawea was born in 1788 as member of the Shoshone tribe, a tribe native to modern day Montana & Idaho. Her early life was extremely difficult and filled with pressure so high that it produced a 100 carat Boss Diamond.

When Sacagawea was just a young girl her village was attacked by the rival Hidatsa tribe and she was forced into slavery. She remained enslaved for 3 years before she sold into slavery part 2 and was forced to marry Toussaint Charbonneau.

In 1804 Sacagawea met 2 exploring cartographers; Lewis & Clark. Lewis & Clark were on a mission to explore America’s newly-acquired lands and create a map of the territories gained in the Louisiana Purchase. They had two major problems though; They weren’t familiar with the terrain and they didn’t speak the languages of the native peoples they would encounter along their journey.

Enter Sacagawea, a woman who spoke all of the tongues and was extremely familiar with the land. There was only one small problem… Sacagawea was pregnant. Like pregnant pregnant. Like just a few weeks before the journey was to begin, Sacagawea had a baby pregnant.

But not even child birth can stand in the way of a rattlesnake eating Frontier Boss. In a move that can only be described as Boss AF, Sacagawea strapped her newborn baby on her back and set off on the expedition with Lewis & Clark. And it wasn’t easy…

Her son got sick. Sacagawea kept going.

Sacagawea got sick. Sacagawea kept going.

Her husband got abusive. Sacagawea kept going.

She came across where she was abducted. Sacagawea kept going.

Sacagawea kept going until she helped navigate Lewis & Clarks expedition across the Northwest all the way to the Pacific Ocean! Because Bosses never stay down, they just use the ground to bounce back up. Her resilience and perseverance will forever serve as an inspiration for young girls & boys who dare to dream, defy the status quo, and embrace ADVENTURE!⁣

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