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Join My Book Launch Team!

Ahoy Matey! I'd love for you to be on our Launch Team.

So what's a launch team? Glad you asked. A launch team supports my book by posting, sharing, reviewing and making sure other people buy it besides my Mommy, Daddy and Grandparents. 😄😄😄

SO, if you'd like to be on my launch team, you'll receive:

- Autographed advanced copy my book

- Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom Founders Kit (Book, Citizens Card, Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom Maps)

- A Digital advanced copy of the book

- Pirate Princess Playdate Kit

- Ticket to Arrrgh Mighty Citizen Book Launch Party

Joining the Launch Team is Super Easy!

STEP 1: Purchase a Launch Kit

STEP 2: Complete the Launch Team Application Below!

Launch Team Application


Psssttt... Don't worry you'll get in!

What social platforms are you active on? (check all that apply)
If selected, do you commit to being an active member of the launch team?

Thanks for joining my Launch Team! Please check your email for further instructions!