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Penelope the Pirate Princess: The Search for the Magical Moon Pearl (softcover)


Welcome to the Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom! From the mind of child author Selah Nicole comes Penelope the Pirate Princess and the Search for the Magical Moon Pearl, the first book in amazing new book series!


Join Penelope and her diverse crew of comrades as they race to recover the Magical Moon Pearl while protecting the Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom and its treasures from the dastardly Madam Boujetto!


This story takes kids on a wild adventure full of imagination, learning, and fun! Penelope and her friends uncover amazing facts about stars, constellations, planets and more -- all while on an emotional journey, solving problems, overcoming obstacles and growing together as friends.


The story unfolds in an authentic, fresh, swagalicious tone that propels kids into a world of wonder and knowledge. Penelope knows that knowledge is the key to the kingdom -- and learning is for everyone. Join her and her crew on one wild, adventurous and educational trip through the Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom!

About Selah

Selah Nicole is a precious 7-year-old who loves to read, do science experiments, and dream up awesome adventures to turn into amazing stories for her book series; Penelope the Pirate Princess! With the help of her parents Selah also started her own nonprofit; The Empowered Readers Literacy Project, after she noticed inequities in literacy amongst her classmates in Kindergarten.  Armed with a heart of gold, a vivid imagination, and parents who embrace her vision, Selah is on a mission to help families build strong reading rituals and to get kids excited about books & reading! 


To launch her vision, in January 2019 Selah organized the inaugural March to 20Hundred Thousand Books: A Children’s March for Literacy! (That’s 2 million books in adult terms!) Hundred’s of children & their parents dressed up as their favorite characters from their favorite books and took to the streets of Atlanta with Selah to march in the name of childhood literacy!


With her first literacy march behind her, Selah is now releasing her first book; Penelope the Pirate Princess: The Search for the Magical Moon Pearl, an amazing swagtastic adventure through the world she created; The Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom. Selah’s vision is to continue to help her peers get excited about reading and to inspire other children like her to tap into their own creativity & imagination and tell their own stories!

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"This book is Absolutely AMAZING! Go Penelope!!!"

-Sam, Atlanta

"I Love Love Love all of the adventure in this book! My daughter really liked the Mer-Pirates!"

-Alison, Oakland

“The illustrations are Awesome and the storyline is Great! My son loved all of the characters & learning about planets and stars.”

Brandon, Houston

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