Are you ready to explore Black excellence in STEAM!

Join us on a fun and exciting journey through Black history for the entire month of February! All month long we will be STEAMing Up Learning about some of the greatest thinkers and inventors in our nation’s history – and they just happen to be Black. Each week for the month of February, we will highlight Black pioneers in the following areas:

  • Math Week: February 1-5
  • Science Week: February 6-12
  • Explorers Week: February 13-19
  • Engineering Week: February 20-26
  • More Black STEAM Excellence: February 27-28 

It is our hope that not only will you uncover some gems in these great pioneers but that you will also tap into some of your own unrealized greatness that connects you and your children to these trailblazers. 

We look forward to going on this journey with you. Happy Black History Month!

Katherine Johnson: The Human Computer

Katherine Johnson: The Human Computer

Johnson was known as a "human computer" because of her incredible ability to perform complex mathematical calculations. She was responsible for verifying the calculations made by electronic computers, which were still in their infancy at the time. Her work was critical to the success of many NASA missions, including the first manned orbit of the Earth by John Glenn, and was chronicled and celebrated in the New York Times Bestseller Hidden Figures and the Academy Award nominated hit movie of the same title.

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