Are you ready to explore Black excellence in STEAM!

Join us on a fun and exciting journey through Black history for the entire month of February! All month long we will be STEAMing Up Learning about some of the greatest thinkers and inventors in our nation’s history – and they just happen to be Black. Each week for the month of February, we will highlight Black pioneers in the following areas:

  • Math Week: February 1-5
  • Science Week: February 6-12
  • Explorers Week: February 13-19
  • Engineering Week: February 20-26
  • More Black STEAM Excellence: February 27-28 

It is our hope that not only will you uncover some gems in these great pioneers but that you will also tap into some of your own unrealized greatness that connects you and your children to these trailblazers. 

We look forward to going on this journey with you. Happy Black History Month!

Albert Jose "Doc" Jones: The Underwater Adventure Seeker

Albert Jose "Doc" Jones: The Underwater Adventure Seeker

  • The Godfather of Black Scuba Diving

  • Founded Underwater Adventure Seekers - The first Black Scuba Club

  • Co-Founded the National Association of Black Scuba Divers

  • Korean War Vet awarded with the Purple Heart

  • More than 6000 dives in more than 50 countries

  • Incubated Diving with a Purpose to Explore Slave Ship Wreckages 

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Abubakari II: The Voyager King

Abubakari II: The Voyager King

  • 8th ruler of the West African empire of Mali, one of the wealthiest & most powerful in world history.

  • Commissioned 2 extensive expeditions across the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Predated Columbus’ voyage to the Americas by more than a century.

  • Founded the settlement that would become Recife, the 4th largest urban center in Brazilian.

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"Stagecoach" Mary Fields: The Explorer who Always Delivered

"Stagecoach" Mary Fields: The Explorer who Always Delivered

  • First Black female U.S. Post Office Mail Carrier

  • Delivered mail alone by stagecoach over 150 mile trail of treacherous terrain through sunshine, blizzards and rain 

  • Refused to be boxed into racial or gender stereotypes

  • Known for carrying a revolver or shotgun and not being afraid to use it

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