Mae Jemison: The Galactic Boss

Mae Jemison: The Galactic Boss

Mae Jemison: The Galactic Boss

Do you know the story of Mae Jemison aka the Queen of the stars?⁣

Mae Jemison was born a dreamer with dreams so big that not even our planet could hold them, so she let those dreams fuel her to become the first Black women to travel to space. 🚀

Queen Mae was born in Decatur Alabama in 1956 and always had a love for all things science. She used to watch Star Trek as a child and immediately knew that she was destined to go to space like Lieutenant Uhura.

Seeing a lack of female astronauts during the Apollo missions frustrated Mae and she noted that everybody was thrilled about space, but she was really really irritated that there were no women astronauts. So she did what Bosses do and got to work.

Mae graduated from high school at the age of 16 and then attended Stanford University where she received a degree in chemical engineering. She then went on to medical school at Cornell.

Prepared to go to the stars, Mae applied to the NASA program for the 2nd time in 1987 and was chosen out of roughly 2,000 applicants to be one of the fifteen people in the NASA Astronaut Group 12. She flew her first & only space mission from September 12 to 20, 1992.

Mae continues to live a galactical Boss life to this day. She serves as the principal of the 100 Year Starship project and is a children's book author who inspires young girls & boys to dare to dream, defy the status quo, and embrace ADVENTURE!⁣

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