Selah Thompson: The Junior Girl Boss

Selah Thompson: The Junior Girl Boss

Selah Thompson: The Junior Girl Boss

We couldn’t have a list of Awesome women and not have Selah, the founder of the Empowered Readers Literacy Project and the creator of Penelope the Pirate Princess represented!

This young lady is blessed with a surplus of many things, most notably vision & persistence! When she told her father she wanted to write a Children’s book and he didn’t listen she didn’t give up.

He said not now. She said I’ll wait.

He asked what’s your book about? She said a Pirate Princess. (Duh)

He gave her pencil & paper. She gave him an Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom.

He said I’m in. She said, it's about time.

The child knows what she wants and keeps chasing after it like the T1000 until it manifest.

At age 9 she has already authored 2 books, led a Children’s March for Literacy and inspired her peers to pick up a pencil… or a crayon and author their own stories. Not to bad for a young lady that’s still in her single digits. Best part is she’s just getting started, so we get watch first hand and see how the rest this story unfolds. To quote Buzz Lightyear… “To Infiniti and Beyond!”

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